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Solomon Kammer

The Business of Art Workshop by SOLOMON KAMMER

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You know what no one talks about? How to actually make money and pathways once you've figured out what sort of art you'd like to make. The truth is no one makes a career in fine art alone - it takes a whole community of people to make one good career. Art school is excellent for skill-building and concept development.. but did you go through it, get spat out and realise you have no idea what to do with your newly acquired skills in terms of advancing your career? Or perhaps you're self-taught, prefer to learn outside of institutions but you're lacking direction. The critical career hurdles in front of you are seldom elaborated on in art school and often learned only through years of guesswork, trial and error, time and money. I do believe that this is why so many artists struggle to persist with a career at a certain point. You may have noticed there's some gate-keeping and protection of the information one needs to move their career forward. I don't believe in this approach, I think this way of thinking benefits no one, is not community-minded or inclusive so I'm offering my lived experience and knowledge to you.

Join Solomon Kammer for a couple of drinks and a transparent and open discussion about the business side of art. This intensive workshop runs for 2-2.5 hours approximately. There will be a short interval for students to get some air, take a walk, order food or drink.

This workshop is appropriate for artists who have some experience making art, have some idea about what sort of art they enjoy making, are committed to carving a fine art career but lack the fine art business know-how. Solomon does not recommend this workshop for those who are seeking technical/skill advice - this workshop is very business focussed.

In this workshop, Solomon will share her own story about how she secured a career that has seen her obtain national and international representation, prestigious awards/accolades and international showings. Solomon will dive into critical choices that had to be made and will enlighten students as to what decisions and considerations they can expect to make in their own careers.

You will learn:

  • Community, social media, personal presentation
  • First steps, self-directing, opportunities for unrepresented artists, getting a foot in the door
  • Making money, investing in yourself, funding
  • Timeline, goals, 5 year plan
  • Gallery representation, what it really is, if and when its the right time, choosing the right one
Each of the above subjects will have a Q+A time allotted after discussion so that students can ask their burning questions specific to their own situation. This will be a safe learning place for all people and questions are certainly encouraged.
Date/time: September 18th, 12pm.

Location: Private Studio, located 10 minutes west of the Adelaide CBD, Kaurna Land. Address will be provided after booking.

Tickets: There are only 8 tickets available. Tickets are non-refundable. Should a student need to cancel for any reason, their ticket will be forwarded to the next workshop. 

BYO: This workshop is PACKED with information including specific names and sites. Solomon recommends bringing a pen and notepad or a laptop so that notes can be taken. Two glasses of wine OR alcohol-free beverages are included in your ticket purchase.


Please note: if you require access for mobility aids / wheelchairs or have any other access or sensory needs, please contact Solomon directly.

See Someone Studio is acting as a website host for the sales of workshop tickets ONLY for Solomon Kammer's Event. Queries for the workshop can be directed to Solomon on Instagram @solomonkammer