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Gin and Tonic Candle

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Did someone order a G+T? Because we're now serving them... in candle form!

Crisp notes of fresh citrus perfectly blend with that delicious smell of Juniper Berries and Sparkling Tonic to create the iconic Gin and Tonic Scent. 

Playfully poured into a vintage tumbler jar, the candle is infused with clear quartz crystals to look like ice cubes and a slice of dehydrated orange or lime.


(P.s. there is absolutely zero alcohol in this, obviously. But if you're making the real thing? You can't go past applewood gin)

Burn Time: 65+ hours
Burn Instructions:

  • do not burn candle unattended, near an open draft, furnishings or flowing fabrics like curtains.
  • do not burn candle for longer than 4 hours at any one time, allow wax to completely reset before relighting.
  • Please ensure that the orange slice is removed prior to burning, or within the first hour of burning the candle to ensure a safe candle burn.
  • Trim wick before each candle burn to preserve the candle's life