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Craft Club Co

Craft Club Co: Check Me Out Rug Making Kit

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She's a little bit cute & definitely has that y2k energy - Craft Club Co's CHECK ME OUT rug making kit screams Pinterest aesthetic. With its lilac checkerboard and bright flowers, it's sure to draw all the eyes wherever you choose to display it.

Craft Club Co are all about making creativity accessible with our easy DIY kits! And we mean easy. With a high quality pre-backed rug base (so you don't need to mess about gluing or sewing) and only one technique to learn - they're easy as pie.

Craft Club Co also believe in loving what you create! Your rug will become a treasured piece of home decor. Not only will you have amazing memories making it, but also using it!

It's time to romanticise the creative in you. You got this.


Craft Club Co are all about making creativity accessible with our DIY Kits. And their newest rug making kits are no exception. Each kit comes with everything you need to complete your own masterpiece for your space, including their helpful video tutorials to guide you on your way! Click HERE for tutorial videos.