Workshop Policies

Hello beautiful folk, we can't wait to get workshopping with you!

Here are our general workshop policies:

  • all workshop tickets are non-refundable*
  • if, for any reason due to change in schedules, illness etc, you are no longer able to attend a workshop on the day you have booked, a studio credit for the amount of the workshop ticket cost will be issued for you, which you can use at any point in time in the future for any of the workshops we offer (there is absolutely no expiry date on the credits)
  • at least 6 hours notice is required if you are unable to attend to receive a full credit, notice between 6 hours and the beginning of the event will receive 50% and no shows will be at See Someone's discretion, this is mostly in regards to events held outside of See Someone Studio where another space or service may have been paid for as an inclusion.
  • If you want to reschedule to a different workshop type and the new workshop is more than the initial ticket price, you will be invoiced for the difference. If you choose to reschedule to a different workshop and the new workshop is less than the initial ticket price, depending on the event, you will be provided with a credit for the difference.
  • Workshop tickets and credits can be transferred to another Name, just please email prior to the event or credit purchase.
  • any purchase of a workshop ticket is an agreement to the above and below terms.

Booked into a workshop or thinking about it and a little worried about COVID-19? We get it, we are too. So here is the important and hopefully mind easing information you need to know if you're unsure about it all.

Main things:

  • There are no vaccination policies in place for attending workshops, however for those who would like to know, all See Someone staff are double vaccinated or boosted (personal preferences).
  • Please regularly wash and sanitise your hands and keep in accordance with social distancing policies where possible.
  • If you have any symptoms or feel unwell, have been a close contact or obviously if you are positive for COVID-19, please do not attend. Simply email or call and we will get it sorted.


What happens if a workshop is cancelled or postponed?

Please note, most importantly, that all workshops that are postponed by See Someone Studio due to COVID-19* are subject to reschedule or workshop credit only, and are ineligible for a refund. We will work with you to reschedule your tickets, and in the event that we are not able to, i.e. it was a once off community event, we have contingencies in place.

  • *whether due to contracting COVID-19, having symptoms or being a close contact / staff being a close contact.
  • a minimum of 1.5 hours notice will be provided, in all situations possible.
  • this also includes workshops that are hosted in the community, i.e. markets and Karma and Crow.


What happens if I'm a close contact, have symptoms or contract COVID-19 and can't make a workshop?

In the event that you can't make a workshop and you provide a minimum of 1 hours notice (unless notice is too short for this to be possible) you don't need to worry at all! We'll hold those tickets until its safe for you to attend another one and work with you to get a new date scheduled in. Just email when you're ready to book back in and we'll have you in our studio in no time. There is no time limit on this, we understand it's not an easy time right now.


What happens if I was attending a workshop at a market or event night, i.e. Karma and Crow and I can't make it due to COVID-19?

If there is another date scheduled for a similar event, you will be offered a space at that event. In the event you can't make the new date, you will be provided a workshop voucher to book into another event when you're ready. 



A personal note:

I'm Es, and I'm the owner / host of See Someone Studio's workshops. I'm also chronically ill. It's really important for my health and my continuing ability to host workshops that if you have any symptoms or have had any contact with a positive COVID-19 case, that you please stay home, rest and reschedule. We can clay anytime, but for me, getting sick lasts longer and often has more serious effects due to my pre-existing conditions. Please keep this in mind, it means a lot
Big love,

S x