Welcome to the new home of Maggie and Tonks

This website has been coming for a very long time, so for those that have stayed patient with me, I thank and applaud you. It's been almost as excruciating as waiting for Harry to destroy all the Horcruxes in time to save Hogwarts. But alas, IT'S HERE (and Voldemort is still dead... I think)!

It's taken so long because it's coming with a fresh new attitude and a fresh sense of purpose, self worth and a whole lot of new little doodles you guys let me call art.


I'm so excited. I hope you all are too. The website still has some kinks, but I'm a fan of it. If you notice anything super uncool, let me know. But other than that, happy shopping, loving and living.


Create. Love. Give.

Love ya guts,


Artist - Maggie and Tonks

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