Hey you funky babes,

I can't believe I'm writing this is JULY, but the books for custom products in time for Christmas are filling fast!

Last year was crazy and I want to stay on top of deadlines a little less frantically this year and because of that, no orders on any custom products across Maggie and Tonks and The Tit Club will be able to be placed in time for Christmas from the 31ST OF OCTOBER.

This also includes made to order pots.

Part of this is because I want the web-shop and stockists FULL of ready to go goodies for you all, and partly so I can sleep too.

As per my normal "I'll need a few days off" at the end of year melt down and wine up, my books completely close from December 20th until Jan 10th.
The web-shop will stay open for that period but no orders will be posted until the 5th of Jan at the earliest.


BUUUUT! We're just about to release a voucher option! Starting at $20.00, not sure what they want? Get 'em a voucher and they can pick themselves! Also a super fab idea if you just totally forget and need to get something organised last minute.


The cool thing about needing to buy Chrissy presents early? We have after pay on every product, custom included and how nice to get to November and already be sorted!


Happy shopping, and merry countdown to the silly season!

Big love,

S x

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